Our Mission

To Make and Mature Disciples of Jesus Christ.


Reaching our community with the Gospel.


Growing with each other through community.


Followers of Jesus, spreading His love.

Our Beliefs

Morris Community Church is a non-denominational church. We model our church life off of New Testament principles and teachings.

We believe in the one true God described in the Bible; a God who has revealed Himself as three separate persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), yet is always the great I Am. We believe that God always was, that He doesn’t change along with His creation, and that His purposes are eternal and knowable as we seek after Him.
We believe that Jesus is not simply the son of God, but is truly God the Son. We believe He came to earth to fulfill the promise of the Scriptures, to show us how to live, and He ultimately took our sins upon Himself, died a criminal’s death and rose again to provide the needed reconciliation between God and man. We believe He is alive today, ministering to the hearts of man and advocating for His faithful ones before the Father. We believe He will come again in His time to further fulfill the Scriptures and God’s eternal plan.
Jesus promised His followers that He would send His Spirit to empower, comfort and lead them as they lived their daily lives. The Holy Spirit works to show unbelievers their need for salvation, and when someone gives their heart to God, He comes and lives within them. We also believe that the Holy Spirit is living and active, and witnesses truth to us by speaking the things on God’s heart into our own.

We see water baptism as an outward sign of an inward change. Literally, meaning to “get dipped,” it is the first prescribed act of obedience after being “born again”. In the Bible we see this done as soon as practical after conversion (Acts 8:36, Acts 16:33). We also believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as a separate act empowering the believer to do the works of the ministry (Acts 1 & 2).
At Morris Community Church, we recognize that the Bible is the Word of God. We teach that it is truth, and not merely a collection of inspirational stories. Instead, we view the Scriptures as an accurate source of God’s perspective on human events throughout history, and an inerrant source of His wisdom and will, delivered through chosen men who were directly inspired by the Holy Spirit. That means it is the final authority regarding matters of faith and life, and is not superseded by any other source (1 Corinthians 3:4, Mark 7:3).

Our Leaders

Our church is ultimately led by Christ, but we believe in the eldership model of church governance. Our elders seek the council of Godly men and women outside of the church, as well as the local body of believers, to establish church vision and direction in fulfilling God's commands to make disciples of all nations.



Senior Pastor & Elder



Associate/Youth Pastor & Elder